Rhona Maclean is the founder of Edinburgh Body Tonic and a certified GYROTONIC ® instructor.

Originally from the Highlands of Scotland, Rhona is a trained ballet dancer who studied at Ballet West and graduated in 2001. She went on to have an international career as a professional dancer before falling ill with the rare neuromuscular illness myasthenia gravis and autoimmune Graves Disease, which left her unable to continue her dancing career.


It became obvious after diagnosis that the illness had been present since adolescence and that Rhona had been training to be a dancer with the illness. This led her to believe that movement and dance had helped keep it at bay.

Rhona became interested in the Gyrotonic method of exercise and began having sessions herself. She’s very aware of the positive effect the Gyrotonic method has on her health and now uses it as remedial tool to maintain her excellent health and general fitness.

Rhona was so enthusiastic about the amazing benefits she found from Gyrotonic exercise that she trained as an instructor in New York and San Francisco. She has previous experience teaching in other studios and is now delighted to be opening Edinburgh Body Tonic.

As a former ballet dancer, Rhona has an in-depth understanding of the body and is perfectly placed to craft Gyrotonic sessions to help clients get exactly what they want from their sessions. She’s absolutely passionate about the remarkable benefits of the Gyrotonic system for those of all backgrounds, abilities and needs.

Rhona very much looks forward to welcoming you to her peaceful, private studio.


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